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We’ve prepared detailed FAQ's to answer most of your questions.

General FAQ

How does NR Private Market work?

NR Private Market is a unique platform that connects approved institutional, high-net-worth and sophisticated investors with access to private equity/debt placements within the mining sector. The platform provides approved investors with access to private placements from private and public mining companies globally. Using state-of-the-art, secure technology, approved investors can analyse and track mining companies, request access to offering documents and invest online through the platform.

NR Private Market makes private placements within the global mining sector, more accessible to institutional and individual investors.

An investor is deemed to be 'approved' once having completed the KYC/AML on-boarding process on the NR Private Market platform - further details can be found on this process in the Terms & Conditions.

What are the benefits of NR Private Market over traditional investor sourcing models?

Who can invest on NR Private Market?

Why do I need to provide so much personal information?

Is NR Private Market legal?

How do I get started as an Issuer?

What checks are carried out on issuers listed on the platform?

Is there an investment minimum and maximum?

What kind of fees do investors have to pay?

Can you provide an overview of the Investor Onboarding & Investment Process?

Is NR Private Market crowdfunding?

How do money transfers work on the platform?

Is the NR Private Market platform safe?

What security and encryption measures are in place with the platform?

What Cookie usage is involved with the platform?

Can you provide an overview of the Issuer Pathway?


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