Access offerings that have been vetted by a professional mining finance and technical team.

Why invest on NR Private Market?

NR Private Market enables participation in private placings within the mining sector.


Advantages of NR Private Market:



Issuer/investor communication facilitated through a dashboard, allowing direct messaging and document sharing.



Only carefully selected, high quality mining deals are approved to the platform.



NR Private Market is a disruptive platform, bringing democratization to mining and exploration finance.


Invest in private and public mining and exploration companies across geographies, commodities and stages of development.

No Fees

Because all deals on NR Private Market are private placements, there are no transaction fees for investors.

Fully Vetted

Members are fully vetted in compliance with AML regulations and all deals are screened by a professional technical and mining finance team.

Access Quality Deal Flow

Access Quality Deal Flow

At NR Private Market, we subject mining investment opportunities to detailed technical, and financial analysis against selected criteria. We aim to provide our investor community with peace of mind that extensive preliminary checks including AML and KYC checks have all been completed.

Online Convenience

Online Convenience

NR Private Market is there for you 24/7. Our encrypted online platform uses the same state-of-the-art security employed by leading banking institutions. You can manage your NR Private Market investment portfolio with a few simple clicks from your computer, mobile or tablet. 

Free Access for Investors

Free Access for Investors

All approved investors have free access to the platform and can browse companies and current offerings from mining company issuers.


You’re Always in Control

You’re Always in Control

NR Private Market is all about simplifying the process of making investments in the mining sector.

We provide you with an easy-to-use customised online dashboard to manage and monitor your investments. Monitor and follow companies, request access to offering documents, complete due diligence and invest via secure escrow facility.



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