BlytheRay is a specialist financial public relations and investor relations agency with a focus on small to mid-cap listed companies.

Since our formation in 2007, we have grown to become one of London’s leading communications agencies in the small to mid-cap arena and are consistently ranked as a top ten financial PR advisor to growth companies.

Independently owned and managed, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional advice and execution, and consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Portfolio of Services


Media Relations

Media Relations lies at the heart of who we are and what we do. Our team has very strong, established relationships with journalists that can make a real difference – from sector correspondents and tipsters on national and regional newspapers through to specialist investment titles and specialist sector titles.

We adopt a highly proactive approach to media relations, engaging with key journalists on a regular basis in order to keep them abreast of developments at our clients’ businesses, while also arranging regular one-to-one meetings and site visits.

We are structured in our preparation, but creative in our solutions, helping our clients to develop appropriate and supportive media profiles.

Analyst Relations

There is a very simple reason why equity research is central to the investment banking business model – it’s highly influential and therefore coveted by listed entities. It is widely disseminated amongst institutional investors and can make a real difference to a company’s share price, particularly in the small-mid cap space, where competition for investors’ attention, and money, is intense.

So while media relations was the focal point for the financial PR model of old, in today’s market, effective sell-side analyst relations carry equal weight. The analyst relations work we carry out on behalf of our clients is twofold. Firstly, we will identify and target sector analysts in order to broaden, in terms of quantum, and strengthen, in terms of quality, our clients’ equity research following. Secondly, we act as our clients’ voice in the market, ensuring the analyst community is kept abreast of all developments in our clients businesses, whilst simultaneously gathering feedback, formally and informally, and analysing sentiment, forecasts and models.

We organise and advise on set piece events such as results presentations and site visits and, where possible, put our clients directly in front of equity sales teams, in addition to equity research analysts, in order that the company message is delivered to as wide an audience as possible.

Investor Relations

Many financial PR consultancies profess to carry out investor relations work. The reality is that very, very few actually do. BlytheRay is one of the very, very few. We don’t directly target institutional investors – that’s the role of our clients’ stockbroker, with whom we work in lockstep – but have developed a strong network of private clients brokers (‘PCB’), who play a very important role in increasing liquidity in equities, particularly in smaller, less liquid growth companies.

We arrange group PCB lunches, one-to-one meetings and site visits. There is a structured, rigorous follow up process following each event, which ensures that our clients know exactly what the investment community thinks about them, helping to tailor future presentations and company messaging.

Our Approach

We have strived to create a diligent, hard-working culture where simply delivering a client’s brief is not enough. We always attempt to go the extra mile, to think and act creatively and do all we can to challenge our clients and exceed their expectations.

Our approach is research led – we identify perception gaps and create programmes designed to address them in order to enhance and protect our clients’ reputations.

It’s this approach, combined with our experience of working with some of the world’s largest companies in our former professional lives and applying what we have learnt to smaller, growing companies that we feel makes BlytheRay stand out from the crowd.  This helps to ensure we make a genuine difference to our clients’ reputations.


BlytheRay is pleased to work in association with a number of industry Partners.

    • 121 Mining Investment – A conference that provides the ideal forum for mining companies and institutional investors to connect, build relationships and forge deals in a number of the world’s key mining finance hubs. More
    • Camborne School of Mines – One of the World’s most famous mining schools. Founded in 1888, Camborne School of Mines now has a unique combination of scientific and engineering expertise in geology, mining and minerals processing and applies this to world-leading research and teaching. More
    • New York-based Columbus Circle Corporate Relations represents small to mid cap companies seeking a US investment audience.  Its extensive access to institutional, family office and high net worth investors is enhanced by its capability to encourage independent research support and targeted media coverage. Its client base stretches from the mining sector through health care, consumer products, agribusiness and digital media. More
    • Commodity TV is an online news disseminator focused in the resources space with content being sent out to Europe, Russia and South America. More
    • Core London is a video production company based in London, who operate a hybrid model, creating its own branded content as well as offering white label services to publishers. Tip TV’s diverse portfolio includes shows ranging from finance, politics, healthcare, tech, lifestyle, sport and gaming. More
    • The CloudMiner offers a service that provides a new transparent and standardised approach to the valuation of mineral assets. Evaluations can be made for quick error free high level assessments in a basic scenario while a more detailed analysis can explore multiple deposits, mining methods, staged capital and operating expenditure throughout a project lifecycle to determine a projects success. More


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